Remote Signature Placement

The DocVerify Remote Signature Placement will enable you to have users add signature elements such as signatures, initials, dates, form fields, name, emails, title, company, etc., to documents that are uploaded through some of the API methods.

It works like this. After the method is called and the "EditPlacement" property is set to true, you will then be able to access that request via an iframe to allow users to drag and drop elements directly onto the pages from within your own portals and applications.

This add-on is not available with all editions, and may not be available on grandfathered accounts either.

For more information visit or contact DocVerify sales at

Basic Integration:

<iframe id="dviframe" src="{YOUR IKEY HERE}&sigplac={DOCVERIFY ID YOU GOT FROM SUCCESSFUL API CALL}" width="840" height="1150" frameborder="0">

Simply copy and paste the above HTML IFrame code into your existing web site, replace the ikey with your DocVerify IKey, replace the sigplac property with the DocVerify ID you received from making a successful API call.

For example, if our ikey is "1234567890", and the DocVerify id is "ABCD1234-0000-0000-0000-ABCD1234ABCD". The Iframe HTML would look like the one below.

<iframe id="dviframe" src="" width="840" height="1150" frameborder="0">

You also have complete control over the styling of the Iframe using CSS.

And that's it.... when the iframe loads the user will be able to drag and drop the elements directly onto the document

Important: All IFrame source MUST be URL Encoded.