ID Credential Analysis

DocVerify ID Credential Analysis Web Services

This API is not publicly open, and requires special permissions and additional agreements to access. For more information visit


  • Overview
  • Requirements
  • Programmers Guide
  • Method Reference
      • ID Credential Analysis
  • Appendix A - Error Codes

1. Overview

The DocVerify API Web Service is a commercial service which enables the sending and receiving of documents without the need to install any hardware or software. The original document to be added or E-Signed must be PDF format. Received documents and E-signed documents are also PDF format.

This REST API will allow a client to upload the images of a drivers license or state photo ID to have the credentials analyzed to the best of its ability for legitimacy of those credentials.

The service only supports secure between the custom-programmed application and the DocVerify servers.

IMPORTANT: This API and its methods are only available to DocVerify e-Notary partners, and are NOT available to anyone else. If you want to access them please contact DocVerify as they do require contracts and agreements beyond the scope of the subscription services.

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2. Requirements

Access to the Internet over 443. Support for REST Web Services. Such support is available through a wide range of tools, such as:

  • Microsoft .NET languages (, C#, ASPX)
  • Java
  • RESTful toolkits
  • etc.

3. Programmers Guide

3.1 Accessing the DocVerify API Web Service

3.1.1 The DocVerify API Web Service REST endpoint may be accessed at - POST Only

3.2 Authentication

Users must authenticate by using the assigned API Key and API Signature. To get an API Key you must have an Enterprise or higher subscription to DocVerify. After signing in, go to "My Account" --> API tab, and activate your API access.

Authentication information MUST be sent in the header.


Key: apikey

Value: {Your API Key}


Key: apisig

Value: {Your API Signature}

4. Method Reference

3.1 Accessing the DocVerify API Web Service

3.1.1 The DocVerify API Web Service REST endpoint may be accessed at - POST Only

When posting the files make sure that content type is "multipart/form-data" or else it may fail.

3.2 ID Analysis

Return Value: string. In case of successful submission - the success value below is returned. In case of a failure, a negative value is returned.

Success JSON:

{"TransactionID":"c064e7e6-f07b-41ce-b49e-40837829159e","LicState":"North Carolina","LicStateConfidence":97.0,"DOB":"08/15/1987","Expires":"08/15/2025"}

Error JSON:

{"error": "-100"}

0 < Error - See Appendix A